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Invisible Instruments

Page history last edited by tim.soo 12 years ago

Invisible Instruments - Guitar





A continuation of the invisible instruments project.


Using an Ipod Touch as the fretboard and the WiiMote as the pick, an invisible guitar was born. Gives a bit more meaning to 'air guitar', eh?


The project in general is aiming for a more portable music experience. The ultimate goal is to be able to create dynamic, high-level music with small devices based on practiced existing instruments (so that anyone can potentially play) and output midi data.


Invisible Guitar

ipodt.maxpat - MaxPatch (only includes the guitar patch and the existing TouchOSC patch

presets.oscd - OSCulator presets.


The patch is largely unfinished, as the algorithm used to sense guitar strumming is extremely simple. You can continue following the project here.


Tools, Platforms and APIs Used

Max/MSP, OSCulator, TouchOSC, IpodTouch, WiiMote



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