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  • Ben Isaacs (Last.fm) 



SSL Scrobbler is a live history-file reader for Serato ScratchLive, which I created to work around ScratchLive's lack of a decent API. As you play songs, it models what's playing and generates events such as "Now Playing" or "Ready to Scrobble". I started the project at Amsterdam Hackday 2010, and finished most of the useful bits in between - mainly, it scrobbles to Last.fm, and it posts "Now Playing" updates to Twitter.


This Hackday I also added a 'show what's now playing on a projector' plugin with a twist - the audience can snapshot (and buy) the song you're playing to them using a QR code.





Tools, Platforms and APIs Used

PHP (because I'm insane)

Serato ScratchLive! (DJ software)

A hex editor and some zen time earlier in the year, to decode the file format

Twitter API

Last.fm API

The Echo Nest API

7Digital API

Google Charts API

Growl (why not eh)


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