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Get Psyched

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Get Psyched



  • Jim Fingal
  • Brian Fife




You have a favorite band, but you haven't heard their new stuff. They're coming to down. You don't want to be the lame-o who is only singing along to the classics. Leveraging your last.fm account and songkick's set lists, you're given a refresher course for what tracks you should listen to / buy to get ready for the big show.





This was not at all hacked with performance in mind. It takes a long time to run.


Tools, Platforms and APIs Used

  • Last.fm API -- grabbing a user's top artists; grabbing songs that you've played by a given artist to cross-reference against setlists
  • Songkick API -- find upcoming shows in your area, and check out the setlists
  • Echonest (pyechonest library) -- search / ID collation
  • 7digital (py7digital library) -- display album thumbnails, links, previews
  • Musicbrainz -- shared ID space for translating from last.fm to Songkick
  • Google Reader Mp3 Player
  • Python 2.6 / Amazon AWS for coding / hosting


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