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Slideshow Sync

Page history last edited by Ned Resnikoff 12 years, 1 month ago

Slideshow Synchronization


Ned Resnikoff



synchronize a slideshow to a soundtrack, using EchoNest API to find beats.




video: my excellent day in Provincetown (0:48)


The number of slides is the same as the number of beats, so it's a check-up on the EchoNest beat finder.  Near the end is pretty good.  Not their fault; this is a homemade recording.




1. Run slideshow.pl (a perl program, code & sample output below) to upload audio to EchoNest.

2. Run slideshow.pl (again, with same args) to download beat data.

3. Launch QuickTime7; File>Read Image Sequence @ 24/sec; add soundtrack & save


Tools, Platforms and APIs Used


The Echo Nest API

QuickTime 7


Sample Output


Sample output of terminal session.  The first run uploads an audio file to EchoNest.  When their analysis is ready, the next run will download the data and prepare the frames for the slideshow/movie.  


If the EchoNest analysis has been previously downloaded, the program will use the local copy.





 slideshow.pl <pixdir> <audiofile> <framedir = ~/Movies/_frames/>


Arranges slideshow timed to soundtrack, using EchoNet API to find

beats. An image sequence is prepared to be read in as movie.





>bin/slideshow.pl mhd/images/ mhd/soundtrack.mp3 


Uploading file..

..md5 hash written to /Users/ned/mhd/soundtrack.md5


otter:~>bin/slideshow.pl mhd/images/ mhd/soundtrack.mp3  

Analysis not ready at ./slideshow.pl line 144.





>bin/slideshow.pl mhd/images/ mhd/soundtrack.mp3  

Found 56 image files.

L(7); L(13); L(17,18); L(24,25); 

Finished; read frames in at FRAMERATE=24/sec







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