mlnest uses The Echonest API's to analyze and chop up a song for use in the popular monome application, mlr with visuals.


We first send a song to Echonest's remix API. It returns 7 audio loops from the song that are based on 4 and 8 beat phrases.

Then loading in the loops to mlr, we can remix the song live using a monome.

Additionally, we have a Max/MSP/Jitter patch to display visuals and lyrics from the song. Using an application to get lyrics from musiXmatch, we can then bring them into Max/MSP/Jitter and trigger random lyrics over the video. The lyrics can also be triggered by monome button presses.


Developed by Adam Ribaudo, Travis Briggs, TJ Usiyan and Edward Loveall

API's used: Echonest Remix API, musiXmatch

Tools used: Max/MSP/Jitter, monome, Python, Xcode