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  1. Electric Eels Performance 
  2. Call Center's suck ( dynamic playlists while you wait ) 
  3. Ramid II melody composer.
  4. sQRatchLive buy the song the DJ is playing.
  5. On The Fly Setlist Creator
  6. Beatbox resynthesis -- Align a beatbox performance to a drum track and use to resynthesize another beatbox performance.  
  7. hazMASH: mashups for the masses - Browser-based real-time interactive creation of music mashups using only html5, css, javascript, and EchoNest Remix.
  8. Noteflight HTML5 score viewer and player
  9. Scrobbyl - Scrobble you vinyl, CDs and cassette tapes 
  10. Paint Samples - Paint to the HTML5 Canvas and then listen your drawing using the Firefox 4 Audio API (Requires FF 4.0 Beta
  11. MusicSeeder - Personal Music Recommendation based off your Facebook 'liked' music.
  12. Tasteometer  - Plot your Last.fm friends listening habits by energy and danceability
  13. Eyelid Visualizer - Visualize music as you listen to it 
  14. DIY Cee-Lo - Make your own Cee-Lo Green video based on the youtube of your choice
  15. SongSwot - How well do you know your music universe? 
  16. Toscanini Gestural Control Interface – a wireless gestural controlled for artists, dancers and musicians.
  17. FeedTunes - Playlist generated on current Twitter trends. (formerly TwitterPlay)
  18. Danceability Index - invest in the stock market based on the danceability rating of popular songs
  19. MarketParse
  20. VIPmkr
  21. mlnest - Cut up songs for mlr.
  22. Jennie's Ultimate Road Trip 
  23. musiXmatch/Echonest integration on lyrics API
  24. Get Psyched - Find songs you haven't heard yet that touring bands you like are likely to play
  25. Invisible Instruments: Guitar
  26. SynLyrics - a synesthetics view to lexical music 
  27. LyricalComments - musiXmatch subtitles to soundcloud comments
  28. Riker - automatic mp3 tagging 
  29. Show Preview - should you bother catching that opening band, or get a beer instead? 
  30. Slideshow Sync - use EchoNest API to make the slideshow flip frames on the soundtrack's beat 
  31. "Twitter for Music" - a demo of a service for disposable music
  32. EOP945-DJMichael5000Botts - automatically chop and screw mp3s and other crazy sounds
  33. BeatBlender - step sequencer that uses samples from your music library that sound like drum sounds 
  34. spotfm - Google Chrome extension to play Spotify from last.fm pages 
  35. Sing'Em All - Sing your kick ass fav phrase with the monophonic melody of your choice!
  36. Highlight to Listen - A Google Extension that finds music using the Echo Nest api (and plays nicely with extension.fm)
  37. Uninterrupter - an experiment in unobtrusive notification for GPS navigation systems
  38. tomahawk jabber query - query tomahawk for information about the currently playing song  
  39. tomahawk music competitiveness - graph your friends' music collections, see who likes more bad music
  40. WTFM - break songs up into pieces and use those samples for live performance
  41. WeJayy - WeJayy is a collaborative realtime playlist generator. In effect, a crowd collectively acting as a disc jockey to control a single stream of music.
  42. Rocket Nest - Python implementation of the Echo Nest API.
  43. Setlist Energy - Songkick && Echo Nest plotting bands energy from setlists 
  44. PseudoConvolver - for MICrODEC programmable effects box
  45. Circuit benders 
  46. LikeBook.fm - Facebook + EchoNest + YouTube = Browse through Artists you like on Facebook, See their Videos (via EchoNest) and automatically play those 'songs'/videos via YouTube -- three click music discovery




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