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List of workshops for Music Hack Day Boston 2010


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Morning Workshops (15  minutes each)

  • SoundCloud
  • musiXmatch
  • Noteflight 
  • bocoup - the Audio Data API in Firefox 4 
  • Musicbrainz 
  • Last.fm 
  • LyricFind 
  • music + finger + browser = fun - using gestural interfaces in the browser to make music - (Geoff Chirgwin) - How far can we go in today's browser without plugins or servers? We'll touch on input, sound, and visualization. Example applications include realtime performance instruments, music notation handwriting recognition, and other music creation applications.  We'll use JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and the PDQ Music JavaScript library http://pdqm.us/  
  • Next Big Sound
  • Songkick 
  • 7Digital 
  • The Echo Nest 




Longer Workshops (In the afternoon)

 Afternoon workshops are in-depth workshops. Some have finite hardware resources, so you may need to sign up. It's first come, first serve.  Of course, only those registered as hackers for Music Hack Day Boston should sign up.


Pen plotter & Chiplotle workshop 


Douglas Repetto and Brian Whitman will show you how to plot your beautiful music visualizations or whatever else on quite possibly the sexiest of all paper output mechanisms -- early 1980s HPGL pen plotters! You'll learn how to use Chiplotle, a Python bridge for live HPGL drawing control, and we'll have a a few plotters on hand for everyone to use.  Plus, there will be plotters available for hacking after the workshop.


          More info:


When: Saturday 2PM to 4PM - sign up here


Signup sheet for the Pen plotter & Chiplotle workshop - Saturday 2PM to 4PM

(Add your name to the list to sign up. Max 10 for this session) 


  1. - Beals
  2. - Lindsey Mysse
  3. - Tyler Williams
  4. - Ian McEwen
  5. -
  6. -
  7. -
  8. -


Electric Eels Workshop 


"Electric Eels" workshop - by Noah Vawter (♡) with Justin (♡) from Burnkit 2600 - This project introduces a mobile platform for melodic and percussive electronic music instruments.  It encourages playing them more like traditional instruments- electrical energy is produced on a note-by-note basis from its players' movements.  Main session: Saturday, October 16th, 2PM- 6PM, extra session, Sunday 12:30-2:30PM.  Optional, but highly encouraged performance at the end of the workshop.  There will be soldering, sliding, sawing, snaring, drilling, bowing, gluing, gaff-taping, etc.  If possible, bring graphics we can print out onto 8.5" x 11" stickers for adorning our instruments!  Technical information you can study ahead of time or browse after the workshop is located here.


tl;dr -  We build electronic instruments with tiny built-in electrical generators so you can take them anywhere like acoustic instruments.  


When: Saturday 2PM to 6PM, Extra session: Sunday 12:30-2:30PM - sign up here


Signup sheet for the Electric Eels workshop - Saturday 2PM to 6PM

 (Add your name to the list to sign up. Max 6 per session)


  1. - Joe Rothermich
  2. - Justin Bk2k6
  3. - Thom Bk2k6
  4. - Alex Ruthmann
  5. - Sean Snyder
  6. -  James Barabas


Signup sheet for the Electric Eels workshop - Sunday 12:30PMto 2:30PM

  (Add your name to the list to sign up. Max 6 per session)


  1. - Justin Bk2k6
  2. - Thom Bk2k6
  3. - Joe Rothermich (am I supposed to / allowed to sign up for both sessions?)
  4. - Alex Ruthmann
  5. - Jeremy Sawruk 



Circuit Bending workshop


Saturday from 2PM to 4pm - Jimmie Rodgers will lead this class on circuit bending. The class will be comprised of three different workshops: the Staples Easy Button, a buddhist chant box, and the Saw record and play box. The purpose is to provide a well rounded introduction to Circuit Bending. The workshop price includes all the toys, components, and tools needed to finish them (feel free to bring any fun cases you might want to put any of the toys into). You will also receive a circuit bending exploration pack, which will give you all the basic tools you'll need to explore toys well after this class.


When: Saturday 2PM to 4PM - sign up here


Signup sheet for the Circuit Bending workshop - Saturday 2PM to 4:00PM

  (Add your name to the list to sign up. Max 8 per session)


  1. - Marc Resnick
  2. - Jonathan Tran
  3. - Matthew Gordon
  4. - Greg Sabo
  5. - Eyal Shahar
  6. - Kyle Psaty
  7. - Aaron Peterson

Atari Punk Console workshop (Cancelled)





Saturday from (Cancelled) - Jimmie Rodgers will lead a workshop on building Atari Punk Consoles. The Atari Punk Console is a simple synthesizer with a wide range of sounds. It is so named because the sounds generated are similar to those of the early Atari consoles. In this workshop you will learn the basics of the timing circuits used to make these crazy sounds. You will also learn how to solder, and how to change the the sounds with your fingers as the contact, or even using light to make a simple light Theremin.  All parts and tools included in the costs. Additional parts will be available, so you will be able to customize your APC with lights, touch contacts, photo resistors, etc. You are encouraged to find a fun case for your APC and bring it (cigar box, mint tin, Mr. Potato Head other plastic toy, etc), anything hollow that can hold a deck of cards would do. If you do not have a case, then Altoid tins will be available at the workshop.  This workshop is great for kids, kids at heart, or anyone who wants to learn about sound generation. There will be soldering and the use of a Dremel.


When: Saturday 4PM to 6PM - sign up here


Signup sheet for the Atari Punk Console workshop - (cancelled)

  (Add your name to the list to sign up. Max 8 per session)


  1. Jeremy Sawruk
  2. E. Maggini
  3. Ian McEwen
  4. Kyle Psaty
  5. -
  6. -
  7. -
  8. -



Programmable Audio Effects in a Sketch Environment with LeafLabs' Maple 


This workshop will  show how you can use Maple with a little extra circuitry (op-amps, resistors, capacitors) to program your own audio effects in an Arduino-like sketch environment and focus mainly on programming effects instead of hardware.  More info:audio and guitar effects on Maple


When: Saturday 2PM to 4PM

Max class size: 8 - sign up here


Signup sheet for the Programmable Audio Effects in a Sketch Enviornment with LeafLabs' Maple workshop - Saturday 2PM to 4:00PM

  (Add your name to the list to sign up. Max 6 per session) 

  1. Jeremy Sawruk
  2. -
  3. -Daniel Taub
  4. -
  5. -
  6. -
  7. -
  8. -





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