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Sonos-Twitter Rewriting

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Improved Sonos Twitter





Sonos introduced a Twitter interface in its controllers in October 2009.  The interface is very minimalist and requires the user to type in artist/album/track/links by hand.  While a customer has no access to hack the device itself, it's quite simple (given intimate knowledge of the protocol) to add a new Social Messaging interface that rewrites the tweets before posting them.


Artist, album, and track metadata are conveniently supplied to the Sonos-Twitter service, but they are currently being ignored by the official service.  This hack takes advantage of the metadata and adds the following rewrite rules which can be shortened in many convenient ways (i.e., ~art, ~alb, ~la, ~lg, ~linkg, ~lgoo).

  • ~album : <album name>
  • ~artist : <artist name>
  • ~track : <track name>
  • ~linkgoogle : <a link to google to search for artist/album/track>
  • ~linkamazon : <a link to amazon to search for artist/album/track>


Links are created using the tinyurl.com service.  If no ~link is given and space is available, an amazon link is added at the end.


And to add some advertising for music hack day, the #musichackday text is added at the end of all tweeks if space is available.


Example Tweets:








Tools, Platforms and APIs Used

LAP (LAMP sans M)






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