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  • Jason Sundram
  • Lee Keyser-Allen
  • Steven Beckhardt




Sonar is a confluence of SonosPlaydar, and the The Echo Nest that lets you see what music your friends are listening to, find out more about it, and play it all over your house. It has 4 major components:

  1. Song tweets and scrobbles from Twitter and last.fm (more sources are on the way).
  2. Playdar. We used Playdar to resolve song tweets and scrobbles to audio streams that can be played on a Sonos system.
  3. Sonos. We created a backend in Python to view and control all the zones in your house.
  4. Rich Metadata. We used The Echo Nest's awesome API to get Artist Hotttnesss, Artist Familiarity, Similar Artists, and Artist Images. We also used last.fm APIs to get tags and listener information, and Amazon to present Album Art. 





Sonar on The Echo Nest's Showcase


Tools, Platforms and APIs Used

The Echo Nest API



Twitter API

Last.Fm API

Amazon API (for Album Art)

Brisa Python UPnP Framework with Sonos extensions by Mark Henkelis








The main Sonar page, with song tweets and scrobbles on the left, a now playing screen in the middle, and the Sonos Queue on the right.




The Artist Inspector dialog, with metadata, hotttness and familiarity (the orange and blue bars -- guess which color is hotttnesss) powered by The Echo Nest and Last.fm. Any place an artist name is shown in Sonar, you can right-click to bring up this dialog to find out more about the artist.



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