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Remix Shell

Page history last edited by Adam Lindsay 14 years, 6 months ago



Adam Lindsay, on a whim, working remotely, drowning his sorrows for not being in Boston






A stupid shell for the Echo Nest Remix API.


I had SuperCollider one-liner envy, so I created this. It doesn't do much, other than restrict you to one-liner remixes. But that's the fun.




  load: loads the filename

  play: play the result of the last command, if it can be played (currently Mac only)

  save: save the result of the last command, if it can be rendered

  help: be minimally helpful

  anything else: try to interpret it in the current environment



  beats, bars, tatums, sections, segments: all from the currently loaded file

  _: the last-defined AudioRenderable

  analysis: container for all the other analysis products in the file



    import echonest.audio as audio

    from echonest.selection import *

    from echonest.sorting import *


$ ./remix.py ../music/BillieJean.mp3

> beats.that(overlap_starts_of(segments.that(have_pitch_max(analysis.key['value']))))

> play

> save bj.mp3

> load ../music/aha.mp3

> segments.that(have_pitch_max(analysis.key['value']))

> play

> beats.that(overlap_starts_of(_))

> play

> ^D


Tools, Platforms and APIs Used


The Echo Nest Remix API


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