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Outlier FM

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By Robert M Ochshorn







OUTLIER FM is a weekend's attempt to utilize advanced technology to search for beauty and surprise in even the most overproduced of popular music. We hope such exceptional moments can be found in OUTLIER's enigmatic soundscapes of reconstituted timbre and rhythmic intersection. It is called OUTLIER because the moments selected for further attention are precisely those moments that exist outside of a song's constructed and statistical conventions.


At its core, then, OUTLIER is about doing away with the package through which a song is carefully prepared for our consumption and rebuilding it from its smallest perceptual units into a strangely unpredictable, minimal techno investigation of sonic wonderment. Working from sophisticated audio analysis provided by The Echo Nest's Public API, OUTLIER provides in addition to audio tracks and radio [ed: SOON] a visual interface for humans and computers alike to become virtuous in high-level sound extraction and resynthesis from pre-recorded audio tracks.



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