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If you have an idea for a project on which you're planning to work, add it to the "Project Ideas" table. Indicate whether you're looking for help, and if so, what kind. If it's an idea you're suggesting for someone else, add it to the "Suggestions" table. If you're looking to join up with someone, add yourself to the "Looking to Collaborate" table. Make sure to add your contact info so you can connect.


NOTE: The table editor (what you see when you right click on the table in edit mode) is somewhat buggy, particulary in Safari when you've scrolled down the page. Just edit by source if necessary.


Project Ideas

If you have an idea for a project that you yourself would like to work on, list it here. If you have a suggestion for another project, list then under "Suggestions" below.




Team (Skills)

Help Wanted?


Example Project Some really bodacious physical computing + dataviz mashup with the Echo Nest API, Arduino and Processing

Paul Lamere (Echo Nest API)

Jon Pierce (Python)

Arduino, Processing contact at jonpierce dot com
Twitter + Concert Conversation

Use concert tracker API + Twitter to track real-time conversations from/about a concert with low friction (i.e. do not require hashtags on each tweet). Let people see who else is there, post mini-reviews, pics, etc for the transient community that forms around a concert. Feedback? Ideas? (Hmm, just noticed Songkick just launched something similar.)


Thinking of flow like (assuming Twitter account like @concerthack):

1) Get list of upcoming shows from concert tracker (which has an API or REST style?)

2) Post tweet from @concerthack like: "Use #abc123 if
you're going to see Girl Talk at House of Blues"

3) People tweet "I'm going to see Girl Talk at HoB #abc123"

4) @concerthack creates a Twitter List for the concert and adds anyone who subscribes (and @replies them about them being on the List)

5) @concerthack builds a webpage to capture the conversation in the 24 hours around a concert.



Bandsintown also records live tweets from events. Todd, Mike, and Phil from BIT will be there to talk about some of the different ways we've attempted to do this and what's been successful and not so successful.


- Trying to standardize #live hashtag for live events.

- filtering for tweets date + twitpic + artist name gives reliable results. 

- filtering artist name + location gives reliable but limited results.

- filtering date+ venue name gives limited results.


I've experimented with concert tweets on gruvr.com too, and in doing so ran across this neat little android app called gigbox   -- its a bit feature-rich for my personal preference, but the reviewers love it so maybe you'd like to check out the gigbox model and see what they do.


Mike Champion (RoR, Twitter API) Sure!

mike at graysky dot org

guitar hero/tapulous style game from arbitrary music file Use audio processing to separate an audio track into lead/accompaniment, and set up a tap/click mapping so that missed notes aren't played (like guitar hero/rockband). I could do proof-of-concept but would be great as iphone app usingthe touchscreen. Ned Resnikoff: I can do the backend: accept a music file, process into foreground/background, and associate foreground with triggerable events. iPhone front end/graphics/networking? n AT nedwaves DOT com
riffroll.com using MusicXML and Search Engine Technologies to find similar patterns in a large corpus of musical scores.

Mark Stoughton

- MusicXML

- Python

- Solr

- Web Dev. (not so much talent with this one) 


- Music Theorists

- Lovers of Pattern Recognition

- Web Developers

- Parser Perfectionists


Android DJ Application

Create a DJ app (mixing, scratching, pitch adjustment) for the Android OS.


The key feature is to allow the user load music files from their mobile phone to the DJ application (which will never be allowed on the iPhone)

Erik Chan

- design/concept

- graphics/animation

- business

- testing

- Android Programming

- Sound Processing

Jamtones: Jamming Ringtones for Android

Multiple Androids loaded with user-selected Loops (ie SoundForge style loops for composing) synch up via bluetooth pulse to create unique music depending on who's present. JamTones runs in background until it detects another, then starts playing rhythm,bass,melody loop of instrument&idiom selected by phone owner. New compositions each time and a neat ice-breaker. Once several phones synch up and get a groove going, individual phones can go into 'solo' mode and tap kbd to play notes.


Update: got some time now for this and looking to get a prototype going over the coming months on modest funds. I'll need volunteers interested in testing this who have Droids or Nexus One phones tho. Get in touch if interested! 


Mark L. Palmer

Droid hackers familiar with bluetooth and soundforge style sampled loops tweet manfmnantucket
quotezart musical stock monitor

'auditory visualization' of realtime stock prices,volume,and supply/demand dynamics


Would love to resurrect this, which was an actual site ca 1999 that I could not keep going although it was popular. It took RT L-II stock feeds and composed ambient music note-by-trade per stock, used musical ornaments to signal shifts in supply/demand, new highs, etc. No need to stare at daytrading chart, ear is quicker to detect change.


Concept could be generalized to 'listen to' other forms of RT dynamic systems as well.



Mark L. Palmer

hosting w access to dedicated L-II NASDAQ feeds. tweet manfmnantucket 


A twitter bot that takes commands in MML (Music Macro Language), determines a 1,2,4 or 8 bar cutoff, synthesizes the result using Bloopsaphone and then plays it back, on a loop, on a streaming internet radio station. People can add beats or new instrument melodies, and they get added to the loop.  Check it out at http://www.twitter.com/twoopsaphone

Travis Briggs:Ruby, Twitter API C, Interfacing Bloopsaphone briggs.travis@gmail.com
Roundware - a participatory audio installation platform

Developed initially for museum sound art installation ROUND, and now being further developed for an exhibit at DeCordova and educational museum audio tours. 


Roundware is a client server platform which allows for bi-directional streaming audio (play/record), organization of audio files and the collective re-presentation of this audio in the form of flexible non-linear audio collages.


Check out roundware.org and halseyburgund.com for more info!

Halsey Burgund (sound artist, musician, very poor coder)


Mike MacHenry (python, gstreamer)

looking for help on current museum projects as well as would love for artists/musicians/developers to find new uses for Roundware - it's open-source halsey@halseyburgund.com
Wordpress plugins for Musicians/Record Labels

1) Straight from the Echo Nest Brain Dump - a plug-in that pulls data from their Artist API into a Wordpress widget.
2) Using the BandsInTown API to make a Shows/Concerts Plugin that automatically adds a band's shows to the artists/labels website.
3) An implementation of the Download Code Generator (see below) for Wordpress - either as a widget where you can enter download codes, or fully integrating the program into Wordpress.
4) Something else??

Tom Inhaler (owner of Supply And Demand Music, limited Wordpress knowledge)


Eric Cooper (Wordpress/PHP/Etc./Etc.)

Would love help with coding, design, ideas on how to make these plugins more useful/functional! tom@sad-music.net
Download Code Generator

A free, easy to use way to upload media to your site, generate download codes, and design cards to print out or export codes for use elsewhere. Perfect for MP3 downloads to include with Vinyl, or for free download giveaways.

Tom Inhaler (owner of Supply And Demand Music, limited Wordpress knowledge)


Eric Cooper (Wordpress/PHP/Etc./Etc.)

Definitely interested in collaborating with people on this project! Contact us for more info. tom@sad-music.net
Looping Pedal hack

I've been hacking around with the digitech jamman-- wrote a front end that lets you use it as a quick-and-dirty multi-track recorder (project page)


I like the pedal, it's a comfortable way to record. Using the front end, I can crank out a demo recording pretty quickly.   Anyone want to brainstorm about more things to do with a looping pedal?

C++/gui,perl,guitar etc   n AT nedwaves DOT com
Music Discovery On the Go

Make every day an adventure with new music! The goal is to bring music discovery to to the android platform, using the available tools.


Last.FM allows a user to have their music library data available on the go, even if their music isn't. This will likely be the first layer. However, listening to new music is often greatly aided by artist interviews and other commentary, and so integration with something like NPR would allow further exploration and understanding of a song or artist.

Ben Fagin (Java, Android, C++, Max/MSP), plus I compose music.

Definitely interested in collaborating!

scriabin PLUS hd AT gmail DOT com

Hacking a Better MySpace

Why MySpace?  Because MySpace still has all the artists/bands.  If we can come up with a way to make MySpace work for us both as companies and artists/bands, why would we force an artist to leave MySpace and retrain all their fans. As it is, the direct to fan relationships are hard enough to make.  I want to create a user friendly MySpace design/template, that supports the new 360 environment.  Goals include: Instant navigation, clear monetization, fan management, and including all the right online tools to make it simple and effective.  Everybody has thought themselves outside the MySpace box and written them off. Now with the absolute necessity for a clear usable path to build a seamless direct to fan business model, it definitely makes sense to collaborate and think back inside the old box again.

Cara Peckens (LiveMusicMachine): Design, HTML/CSS, Flash

Definitely interested in collaborating!


Twitter: cpeckens

Dadeo™ Max/MSP/Jitter

audio video sampler. 

16 channel video sampler with midi and osc control.  Plays nice with MPC style controllers (and MPC's themselves) for dynamic live performence.  Ryan Sciaino - Max/MSP/Jitter Already in development looking to link with maxers to help make it release worthy!  DJGhostdad at gmail
Surreptitious Music I would like to develop means of algorithmic composition of music and soundscapes, forms of music suitable for these techniques, and means of distribution freed from the recording paradigm - i.e. not limited by formal concerns such as set duration, and allowing for vaying degrees of control by the listener or other environmental factors. Could result in mobile app, streaming radio, sound installation, several other directions. Rudimentary streaming audio now online. Matt Lavallee - music composition/theory, limited programming in PureData and SuperCollider, ears Coding, design, brainstorming, etc. etc.  
Scrobbling setlists It would be cool to be able to scrobble the setlist from the concert you're at - what you're listening to live Phil Cowans, songkick collaboration! phil@songkick.com
Echonest - Max/MSP - Ableton Live Max4Live mashup I'd like to use the echonest API to feed information to a Max/MSP Java external that will be loaded into an Ableton Live Max4Live instrument Adam Ribaudo - Ableton Live, Max4Live, Java Yes please, looking for anyone with Max arribaud at gmail
Echonest -Twilio Using twilio for a call center app where you may need to wait in a queue. during your wait you would be able to have a pandora like interface to listen to music vs the elevator music usually played.  Jeff Durand (Ruby on Rails) absolutely 



Using one or more of the following sensors to create soundtracks for individuals that combine and interact with those of others to create a cohesive story told in music.


 - Pulse Oximeter


 - GSR (galvonic skin)

 - Accelerometer/Movement

Interested in integrating with live instruments, crowdsources samples, and theatrical lighting effects that look and feel like magic.

Jonathan Tran

Daniel Taub (software, circuits, basic music theory, and lighting)


We want to implement this idea but need help finding/using the actual sensors!

dmtaub at g-mail





If you have ideas for cool projects that you yourself don't expect to work on, list them here. This is a good place for companies to suggest hacks that could be built on their API or platform and/or mashed up with others.





(leave blank if independent)


(for help/info)

Example Project Some really bodacious physical computing + dataviz mashup with the Echo Nest API, Arduino and Processing   paul@echonest.com
HeartBeat Monitor  Not a day project, but I would like to see someone build the start of a device that monitors a human heart beat and uses the Echo Nest API to create a dynamic playlist that increases in tempo as the human heart beat increase. Exercise playlist.     

The Echo Nest Idea Brain Dump

We have a list of about 30 projects that we think would be really fun to do, if only we had time.  Projects include: Echo Nest Hero, the Love Pod, Ringo Bingo, The Metal Detector and iJogger The Echo Nest


Make music Instead of all these techy things that support a music business model, what about actually creating music?  Via technology, like circuitry or ???   jen@jenstrickland.com
Mobile Notation App Simple, mobile, touch-based music notation app for jotting down ideas on the go. Export to standard formats, or directly to the web (Can we tweet a melody?). Could possibly even double as a touch-based interface to a normal (desktop/laptop) notation workflow.   scriabin PLUS hd AT gmail DOT com




Looking to Collaborate





Specific Interests?

Example Person someone@example.com Ruby, JavaScript dataviz, recommendations, Twitter API
Jen Strickland  jen@jenstrickland.com  xhtml, css, iphone, interface design, singer/songwriter/performer, guitar player, multi-instrumentalist 

not twitter,

something more organic… like really hacking an instrument or circuitboard

iphone project

but really something like:

Tristan Perich’s infamous 2005 release 1-bit Music. Whereas Moldover is turning the packaging into an instrument and inserting a traditional CD, Tristan made the entire jewel box the playback mechanism – the album is embedded in the circuitry, and you listen to it directly An electronic circuit is assembled inside a CD case with a headphone jack on the side. The device plays back 40 minutes of low-fi 1-bit electronic music—the lowest possible digital representation of audio 1-bit Music 

Mark Stoughton  mark.stoughton@gmail.com  Python, SOLR, MusicXML, jQuery, mandolin, guitar

see riffroll.com above

Reid Draper reid@echonest.com Python, machine learning, iPhone, double bassist interested in artist graph/network analysis and visualization. music recommendation. exploring someone's music taste in the context of your own. artist success prediction based on network position. ideas?
Paul Henry Smith paul@paulhenrysmith.com Logic Pro, OSCulator, Orchestral Conducting, Cello Playing

I need to borrow some balance boards (four) for my proposed project expanding the Fauxharmonic Orchestra from a "one-man-band" to a quartet. (Project page.)

Mark Reeder mark.reeder@napster.com javascript, dojo toolkit, xhtml, css, interaction design Interested in something real-time collaborative (playlists? recommendations?)
Ne artden2@hotmail.com songwriter, music idea person Looking to collaborate with developers to create a program that can raise the volume of audio on the fly within the browser. So if you have your pc speakers turned all the way up and say a youtube video turned all the way up but the song still sounds low, you can increase the audio on the fly. I am not a developer but I have a lot of ideas and would love to meet people that can turn the app ideas in my mind into fully functioning programs.


Robby Grossman robby at freerobby.com ruby, c++, analog effects & guitar/bass/piano/drums

Anything twitter or community oriented. 


John Muellerleile johnm at basho.com erlang,java,js,as,<<-polyglot;ableton,reason,keys,guitar,bass,seq.programming

I'm open to anything interesting that comes within range; that said, if anyone is into the idea of an ad-hoc 'drum circle' app where anyone within wifi can join in and contribute to a collaborative ableton-like improv session, let's have a go, yeah? i'll bring the mbp+apc to kick it off:)


Charley Hine charles.hine ~AT~ gmail.com Rock trio instruments
Ruby, C#, Ableton
Will bring a Oxygen8 to use as needed.
Joel Korpi  joel.korpi %@at gmail.com  Graphic Designer/UI/UX/Web Dev (Python, PHP, .NET)/Musician  Any project that needs graphics / UI help 


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jen Strickland said

at 4:15 pm on Nov 13, 2009

I would really like to partner up with Chris on Tourfilter, as I really appreciate all the work he's put into it, and how useful his project is. How do I contact him?

Also, I thought there would be projects that actually make music — am I missing those?

Matt Lavallee said

at 1:37 pm on Nov 20, 2009

see "surreptitious music" above

pax -

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