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EchoNestLive lets producers sample songs in ways they never have before. Using EchoNest's APIs to analyze songs and using Java, Max/MSP, Ableton Live and MaxForLive to play back pieces of a song based on specified pitches, loudness levels, timbres, and other parameters.


Code now available here - http://code.google.com/p/echonestlive


Original Objectives


  • Inform your Ableton live set with data from Echnonest. 
  • Create a Max/MSP java external that can post mp3's over HTTP and retrieve analysis information from Echonest. 
  • Make this external control playback of audio in Max/MSP
  • House this max patch in Max4Live to allow for dynamic control and playback. 






  • Bundle a distributable version for Max and Ableton Live
  • Add more filters for Echo Nest data
  • Release source code (after we clean it up some ;)


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