Bricolage v10e-6: Resynthesis from Multiple Sources with the EchoNest Remix API

Team: rif

Tools: EchoNest remix API, python.


The EchoNest Remix API includes functionality to break down a song into short units of sound [segments], and also to measure features on these segments [pitch classes, timbre, and volume are currently provided].  Previous work by Ben Lacker [ in the echonest remix examples directory] resynthesized a track by mixing in closely matching segments from a different track.


In this work, we extend this idea to use multiple resynthesis tracks.  At this time, there are two main innovations:


As of now, we have a resynthesis corpus consisting of 92 tracks:



Using this corpus, we have resynthesized a number of examples, including Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice It's Alright",  Aretha Franklin's "Dr. Feelgood", Cake's "The Distance", and Satie's 1st Gymnopedie.


There are so many improvements possible, I've decided to call this version 10e-6.  Things to do in the short-term:



Longer term, there are a bunch of things I'd love to do:



Thanks to: the awesome people at EchoNest for providing the RemixAPI, especially Brian Whitman, Paul Lamere and Ben Lacker, who helped out with suggestions.