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Ambient Text Mashup of "HashMap"  "Frequency" for Modest Mouse: The Good Times Are Killing Me

Page history last edited by Emily Daniels 14 years ago

Ambient Text Mashup of "HashMap" & "Frequency" for Modest Mouse: The Good Times Are Killing Me

 By Emily Daniels and James DeMond



This mashup was made in Processing using a few different audio libraries to make the lyrics correspond to the song played. The visual loads the lyrics of the song and makes repeating words larger. The title and chorus words of the song throb to the beat of the music while turning red.  The one we did was a demo but it could be modified to any song and have it be an interesting way to take in the artist’s message as well as listening to the melody. Clicking the link below loads a java applet into your browser. 


Thanks to Damien Di Fede & Daniel Shiffman for the Processing lib, EchoNest & Modest Mouse for the song!




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